What is BDIX?

The first Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Bangladesh is called BDIX. It was created to give its members physical connections so they could communicate and direct local Internet traffic through it. Currently, peering through BDIX are more than 110 Organizations of various types (ISPs, mobile carriers, content suppliers). By offering top-notch services that gave members and their consumers quick, affordable, and effective Internet connections, BDIX has maintained leadership in Bangladesh’s quickly growing Internet market throughout the duration of its existence. Similar to the majority of other IXPs worldwide, BDIX is supported by membership fees paid by the connected members and is maintained for the benefit of both the members and the larger Internet community. Members typically pay a monthly or yearly fee for the organization’s financial operations. based on how quickly the port or ports they’re using are. In comparison to the amount that members could potentially save on upstream transit expenses, the membership fees are extremely low.

The Sustainable Development Networking Foundation (SDNF) Bangladesh has created BDIX as a non-profit endeavor. The Sustainable Development Networking Programme (SDNP), an initiative started by the Bangladesh office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and carried out by the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, has evolved into the SDNF (BIDS).

Objectives and Mission

The mission of BDIX is to give technically superior services in a courteous and amiable manner to its members and the general Internet community of the nation. This is accomplished by offering state-of-the-art Internet Exchange Point services. Its main objective is to offer Bangladeshi citizens high-quality, dependable, and affordable internet services. To achieve this, BDIX will promptly set up peering exchanges in various regions of the nation and join other exchanges in surrounding nations to create a regional exchange among IXPs for improved service delivery and to speed up internet-based communication.

To develop any type of information exchange point (including but not limited to Internet exchange, root servers, domain name servers, country code top level servers, and network operation centers) on a national, regional, and local level using a variety of technical and administrative methods in order to improve the nation’s capacity for information management. In order to generate, process, disseminate, and exchange knowledge related to various types of human activities (economic, social, cultural, organizational, legal, educational, R&D, and such others) among the people or specific target groups both inside and outside the country, it is necessary to establish, operate, and maintain an Internet Exchange, knowledge centers, research facilities, and such other forms of institution, both general and technical. to establish, nurture, and preserve professional connections with organizations and people on a national and international level with comparable goals and objectives.

Advantages of BDIX in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, there are several BDIX hosting service companies. And the number is increasing given how useful BDIX hosting is.

 1. Low Latency

One of the main advantages of BDIX hosting is its low latency. Data moves more quickly and only has to pass through 3 to 4 nodes at most when hosted by BDIX. Data travels from the source ISP to BDIX, is routed from BDIX, and finally travels to the destination ISP. The delay typically ranges from 7 to 9 milliseconds.

2. Redundancy

The local data communication will continue to operate at full speed even if the international data flow is halted. Therefore, even if the global gateway is down, the BDIX connection won’t be affected. Local internet development is done by BDIX. The majority of the time, it is evident that BDIX servers provide 99.99% uptime and that they are continually maintained.

3. High Data Volume

A significant advantage is an ability for local users to send enormous amounts of data. Since BDIX makes it simple for ISPs to obtain large bandwidth.

For instance, if downloading a 100 MB file from a foreign website takes 15 minutes (depending on your internet speed), downloading it through a BDIX website will take around 2 minutes.

4. Saves International Bandwidth

Well, it is obvious what the advantages are. Local bandwidth stays in the area. This means that no data must leave the nation when a user from one ISP transfers a file to a user from another ISP. This prevents data needed for domestic travel from entering the international gateways. This conserves priceless global bandwidth.

5. Saves a Lot of Money

High local bandwidth is available at reasonable pricing with BDIX hosting. This is the key justification given by the majority of ISPs for wanting to link with BDIX. It truly costs far less than what international bandwidth actually costs.

This is why more and more individuals in Bangladesh, whether they are hosting a website for their personal or professional use, desire to choose BDIX.com.bd. 

6. Additional Benefits of BDIX

In addition to the advantages we have just covered, BDIX hosting has other advantages. Among the noteworthy advantages of BDIX hosting are:

1.   The ability to keep a huge variety of films, music, videos, and other data is made possible through the usage of a local FTP server. These may also be downloaded very quickly. This may also contribute to heavy international bandwidth use. See Padma Online Media Server to download movies, and watch live tv.

2.   can be used as a lightning-fast data transfer system.

3.   Operates on a local network. The global network is therefore never harmed.

4.   has a relatively short ping time, often between 1 and 10 seconds.

5.  The speed is 200 times faster than the typical service.

What is BDIX

How does the BDIX connection work?

However, this can be clarified using a straightforward example. Assume you are using a 1 MB per second broadband connection. This indicates that you can download any file at a 100kbps average speed. So, this is the typical download speed that your ISP offers.

You can either access BDIX servers or go to websites hosted by the BDIX network if your ISP allows a BDIX connection. This will enable you to download files much more quickly than on standard websites. The download speed can go as fast as 1Mbps at the very least, depending on how fast your connection is.

Final Words:

The greatest choice for attracting Bangladeshi local traffic is BDIX. The BDIX hosting offers many advantages, including the ability to employ saved overseas bandwidth for reasons other than downloading pointless media files. — Padma Online, one of the best Internet Service Providers in Rajshahi, We hope you have made excellent use of the advantages of BDIX from this essay. Therefore, if these advantages are your top priorities, get an internet connection with Padma online.