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Padma Online is an Internet Service Provider with having a license from Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC). We offer broadband internet solutions over fiber optic throughout the Rajshahi division. Padma Online assures 100% uptime while providing ultimate clients satisfaction no matter how small a client may be. The Network Operation Center (NOC) is staffed 24/7 basis to respond and fix any issues related to connectivity. We provide complete, quality ICT solutions to our clients by incorporating sensible and cost-effective technologies and providing professional service to our valued customers resulting in complete customer satisfaction.

Padma Online is the best internet service provider in the city. We offer a variety of plans to suit your needs, and our customer service is some of the best in the industry. We offer an array of broadband internet plans that suit any budget and lifestyle. Whether you’re a student looking for a great plan or a family looking for something more extravagant, Padma Online has you covered! Padma Online’s high-speed fibre optic network gives you lightning-fast speeds and reliable service that you can rely on. No more worrying about web pages taking forever to load or your connection cutting out in the middle of an important download.

Your #1 Choice For Fiber Internet

We’ve partnered with Padma Online to combine our local knowledge with the strength of a national provider that has delivered results all across the country. With a variety of different packages available and connections with speeds of 1 Gbps and beyond, we offer the speed and flexibility best-suited to the needs of your business.

Our future-proofed network is built using the latest fiber technology and gives customers the opportunity to buy internet services or leased lines that are impossible to outgrow.

In the unlikely event of downtime, the simplicity of a fibre-only network makes fault analysis much simpler, resulting in much shorter fix times.

Why Choose Padma Online

Ultrafast speeds

Up to 50 mbps

Alternative supplier in the Hull area

Landline-free options available

Contract-free options available

Dedicated team of advisors

Packages to suit all customers

Unrivalled support

Low prices

Best Internet Service Provider in Rajshahi

Keeping People Connected All Over the World with Best Internet Service Provider

The brainchild of a couple of Rajshahi-based IT professionals, Padma Online was born from a desire to provide an alternative broadband supplier in the Rajshahi area.

Businesses can also benefit from bespoke internet packages, catering to their every need that will both improve their current internet supply and futureproof them for any upcoming digital developments.

Padma Online: Your Digital Partner

Broadband Services for Every Home

Padma’s Broadband Service is available in wired connections so that you can choose which suits your needs. Our broadband plans are designed to provide you with the fastest internet experience possible with up to 1Gbps speed and 100 Mbps uploads.

Affordable Broadband Services

Padma Online Broadband Plans are affordable for everyone, no matter where they live in the city. With Padma Online, you get high-quality internet services at the lowest prices.

Best Internet Service Provider in Rajshahi

Our Mission

To connect the mass people of the Rajshahi division in the ever-growing Information Highway by empowering them with digital information.

Our Vission

In the next 5 years, Padma Online aspires to become the preferred choice in digital lifestyle using world-class technology and innovation.

Guiding Principles

Innovate to Simplify, Keep Customer at the Center, Move Fast, Take Ownership

Get The Speeds You Want at the Price You Want

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